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Izrael magazine about "My Real Way"

The online magazine "Nauka i Zhizn Izrailia"  ("Science and Life of Izrael") has published an article lifting the veil of mystery of the innovative My Real Way supplements development process. The article explains the necessity of our products for human health in the modern world, gives a detailed rationale for each component included in a formulation of bioregulators and their vital importance to the human body.

"The aim of our work, with the financial support of "RealWay" (Belgium-Lithuania), was the development of dietary correctors to manage and maintain the constancy of cell microenvironment...Long-term experimental and clinical studies in various scientific research, medical, sanatorium-and-Spa institutions have provided the basis for the development of "MyRealWay" supplements and including certain herbs in the formulation." 

You can read the full article on http://nizi.co.il/nauka/estestvennye-nauki/vospolnenie-nedostatochnogo-pishhevogo-statusa-cheloveka-pri-peroralnom-vozdejstvii-na-ego-organizm-mnogokomponentnyx-peptidnyx-sostavov.html

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