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"DIPLOMA for discovery" - international recognition!

High-quality brand-new "My Real Way" supplements are the result of an elaborate, thorough and painstaking work carried out by a group of leading scientists. It makes the evaluation and global recognition of innovative and evidence-based series of multi-component peptide bioregulators My Real Way more significant and meaningful. For the first time in the world, the series of multicomponent products with the unique combination of ingredients was developed. It includes vital trace elements and micronutrients - peptide complexes, vitamins, minerals, herb extracts.

Long-term experimental and clinical studies in various scientific research, medical and sanatorium institutions have formed the basis for the development of this series. The European Academy of Natural Sciences, the International Expert Council of EANS and the European Scientific Society of EANS, according to the results of provided material's expertise by properties and characteristics, have acknowledged the relevance and scientific novelty of research proven series "MyRealWay". As evidence, the group of scientists who developed the innovative formulations of "MyRealWay" supplements was awarded the "DIPLOMA for discovery". 

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