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PROTECTIONplus - new multi-purpose complex

PROTECTIONplus – new multi-purpose complex for prevention of malignancies and other tumors. 

This complex is developed by the Section of rehabilitative medicine and nutritiology (Hannover) 

The official launch of the product will be held on May 12, 2018 in Milan at the conference for physicians:

"Modern technologies for prevention and treatment of diseases using peptide bioregulators "My Real Way" 

The conference is organized by My Real Way Alliance together with the Italian partner Nes Medica SRL

The new product will be presented by the co-author of the development, Ph.D. in Medicine, the member of the European Academy of Natural sciences - Irina V. Savitskaya

Topic of report: 
Integrated prevention of oncological diseases.
Programs of parctical use of the new generaton multi-purpose complex PROTECTIONplus  in a combination with multicomponent peptide bioregulators "MyRealWay" in for integrated prevention of malignancies and other tumors. 

The details of the event are available here: https://it.myrealway.com/

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