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Clinical trials of MyRealWay bioregulators

Since 2015 the clinical studies of MyRealWay bioregulators are being conducted in clinics and medical centers in different countries. We have already received the first reports made on basis of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "Municipal Hospital No. 8". The clinical trials were made under the supervision of Irina Savitskaya - Chief Medical Officer, Candidate of Medical Sciences, a member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences.

Such studies are expensive, and their conduction is a mandatory requirement for medical drugs, but not intended for dietary supplements. Nevertheless, the MyRealWay Alliance invests in such research projects as the primary quality indicator of healthcare products is not safety or ingredients, or the availability of hygienic certificate, but the high clinical efficiency. We must be confident in our product,  and therefore are interested in getting objective independent professional feedback.

MyRealWay line-up consists of 35 bioregulators for major organs and systems, and we appeal to skilled professionals and clinics in many fields, working with the various diseases. 
The results of such studies prove a sound positive therapeutic effect of multicomponent peptide bioregulators MyRealWay, help to compile and correct methods of prevention and health improvement. 

The clinical trials are ongoing in clinics and medical centers of Russia, Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Canada. We are sure that the final reports will be interesting both for professionals and ordinary consumers, and we will keep publishing them on our website.

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