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The 2-nd stage of the European Medical-Social program

Newsletter №2 

Following our commitments under the European Medical-Social program  http://myrealway.com/index.php?route=information/news_item&news_id=11, MyRealWay Alliance makes every effort to fulfill our activities plan, promote the early prevention of diseases, and to keep MyReaWay products affordable to all and everyone. 

Our progress to date under the Program is as follows:
- Price reduction on MyRealWay Multi-component peptide bioregulators in February 2016
- MyRealWay conferences in Lithuania and Hungary 
- Regular informational and educational webinars about MyRealWay complexes
- Designing and introduction of methodology for MyRealWay bioregulators integrated application. 

Given the fact, that the current world economic situation is not as well as we‘d like, and has a negative impact on personal incomes and price increase, including products for health and medical services, MyRealWay alliance has worked out additional activities that will be implemented under the European Medical-Social program.  Preservation of human health remains our top priority, regardless of social-economic factors.

Starting September 01, 2016:

1) The new social prices for MyRealWay Multi-component peptide bioregulators are established
2) Clubs get more favorable conditions for business development
3) Clubs are given the opportunity to use the latest high-tech equipment for body testing and more accurate prescription of MyRealWay products
4) Reward system for active clubs is implemented
5) Active members of MyRealWay clubs get the special conditions for Nutritionists training program, organized by the European scientific society

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